Of Time and Space and Other Things
Of Time and Space and Other Things

ISBN: 0447330233
Year of publication: 1972

Of Time and Space and Other Things

Isaac Asimov

Scientific literature

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Isaac Asimov Of Time and Space and Other Things Introduction As we trace the development of man over the ages, it seems in many respects a tale of glory and victory; of the develop ment of the brain; of the discovery of fire; of the building of cities and of civilizations; of the triumph of reason; of the fimng of the Earth and of the reaching out to sea and space. But increasing knowledge leads not to conquest only, but to utter defeat as well, for one learns not only of new po tentialities, but also of new limitations. An explorer may discover a new continent, but he may also stumble over the world's end. And it is so with mankind. We are distinguished from all other living species by our power over the inanimate universe; and we are distinguished from them also by our abject defeat by the inanimate universe, for we alone have learned of defeat. Consider that no other species (as far as we know) can possess our concept of time. An animal may remember, but surely it can have...

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