Coup dEtat
Coup d'Etat

Sequence of author: War that came early(№4)

Coup d'Etat

Harry Turtledove

Alternative history

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Harry Turtledove Coup d'Etat Chapter 1 Manila harbor was a mess. Pete McGill hadn’t expected it to be anything else. And the fierce Philippine sun beat down on him even though it was January. The past few years, he’d served in Peking and Shanghai. He was used to winter blowing straight down from Siberia. This muggy tropical heat, by contrast, seemed like too much of a good thing. He still wasn’t as steady on his pins as he wished he were, either. The bomb in Shanghai that killed his ladylove came much too close to finishing him, too. The docs here did as good a job of patching him up as they could, and he’d had time to heal. All the same, an ankle ached and a shoulder twinged every time he took a step. His face was set in a permanent grimace, not least so nobody would notice him wincing and try to send him back to the hospital. Or maybe no one would bother any which way. It looked to Pete as if they’d take anybody with a pulse right now. A...

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