Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Isaac Asimov Potential Nadine Triomph checked the long list of symbols for-what was it?-the tenth time. She did not think she could get anything out of it that Multivac had not, but it was only human to try. She passed it over to Basil Seversky. “It's completely different, Basil,” she said. “You can see that at a glance,” said Basil, gloomily. “Well, don't drag. That's good. So far the only gene combinations that Multivac has dredged up seem to have been minor variations on a theme. Now this one is different.” Basil put his hands into the pockets of his lab jacket and leaned his chair back against the wall. He felt the line of his hips absently and noted it was gaining a certain softness. He was getting pudgy all over, he thought, and didn't like it. He said, “Multivac doesn't tell us anything we don't tell it first. We don't really know that the basic requirements for telepathy are valid, do we?” Nadine felt defensive. It was Basil who had worked out the neurological...

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