Midnight tides
Midnight tides

Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Malazan book of the fallen(№5)

Midnight tides

Steven Erikson

Epic science fiction

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Midnight tides A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen STEVEN ERIKSON To Christopher Porozny Acknowledgements Deepest appreciation to the old crew, Rick, Chris and Mark, for the advance comments on this novel. And to Courtney, Cam and David Keck for their friendship. Thanks as always to Clare and Bowen, to Simon Taylor and his compatriots at Transworld; to Steve Donaldson, Ross and Perry; Peter and Nicky Crowther, Patrick Walsh and Howard Morhaim. And to the staff at Tony’s Bar Italia for this, the second novel fuelled by their coffee. DRAMATIS PERSONAE THE TISTE EDUR Tomad Sengar, patriarch of the Sengar Bloodline Uruth, matriarch of the Sengar Bloodline Fear Sengar, Eldest Son, Weapons Master of the Tribes Trull Sengar, Second Son Binadas Sengar, Third Son Rhulad Sengar, Fourth and Youngest Son Mayen, Fear’s Betrothed Hannan Mosag, Warlock King of the Six Tribes Confederacy Theradas Buhn,...

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