The Chick Is In The Mail
The Chick Is In The Mail

Year of publication: 2000

The Chick Is In The Mail

Charles Sheffield
Eric Flint
Nancy Kress
Harry Turtledove
William Sanders
Elizabeth Moon
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Esther M Freisner
Martin Harry Greenberg
Kent Patterson
Steven Piziks
Margaret Ball
Robin Wayne Bailey
Karen Everson
Leslie What
Doranna Durgin
Pierce Askegren
K D Wentworth


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Esther M. Freisner, Martin Harry Greenberg, Kent Patterson, Elizabeth Moon, Harry Turtledove, Charles Sheffield, Steven Piziks, Nancy Kress, Margaret Ball, William Sanders, Robin Wayne Bailey, Karen Everson, Leslie What, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Eric Flint, Doranna Durgin, Pierce Askegren, K. D. Wentworth The Chick Is In The Mail © 2000 Introduction by Esther Friesner Tradition is a wonderful thing. It gives us a sense of history, of belonging to something greater than ourselves, but it most of all gives us someone and/or something other than ourselves to blame for the embarrassing stuff we feel compelled to do. Yes sir, every time you find yourself serving the fruitcake-that-tastes-like-a-doorstop at Christmas, or saying, "Prithee, my comely wench, but mightst thou servest me an hotte dogge with ye workes?" at a local Ren Faire, or fighting the neighborhood raccoons for property rights to a swiftly rotting jack-o'-lantern at Hallowe'en, or...

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