Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages

ISBN: 9780425043363
Year of publication: 1980

Vault of the Ages

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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VAULT OF THE AGES by Poul Anderson A Science Fiction Novel To Mor and John THE TIME CAPSULE Archaeologists, studying the past, are handicapped by the fact that relics are usually few and in poor condition. Often, one is not even sure where to look for them. Out of such finds—from tombs, ruined cities, swamps, deserts, and any other place where men of the past have left some trace of themselves—the archaeologist tries to build up a picture of these men’s lives and civilizations. But there are great gaps in our knowledge and probably always will be. For instance, we cannot yet read the inscriptions left by the ancient Cretans, and so are in the dark about many features of their high civilization. We know almost nothing of their actual history, and we are not even sure who the people were that finally destroyed them. In like manner, there are many things we would like to know about the Etruscans, Khmers, Mayans, and other important...