Foundations Friends
Foundation’s Friends

ISBN: 0312931743
Year of publication: 1989

Foundation’s Friends

Robert Silverberg
Edward D Hoch
Frederik Pohl
Connie Willis
Mike Resnick
Poul Anderson
Robert Sheckley
Orson Scott Card
Edward Wellen
Ben Bova
Harry Harrison
Pamela Sargent
Harry Turtledove
Betsy Spiegelman Fein
Barry N Malzberg
Sheila Finch
George Zebrowski
Hal Clement

Science fiction

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Foundation’s Friends Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov To Isaac, with love Preface by Ray Bradbury One of my favorite stories as a child was the one about the little boy who got a magical porridge machine functioning so wildly that it inundated the town with three feet of porridge. In order to walk from one house to the other, or head down-street, one had to head out with a large spoon, eating one’s way to destinations near or far. A delightful concept, save that I imagined tomato soup and a thick slush of crackers. Going on a journey and making a feast, all in one! I imagine the name of the little boy in that tale should have been Isaac Asimov. For it seems to me that since first we met at the First World Science Fiction Convention in New York City the first week in July 1939, Isaac has been journeying and feasting through life, now at the Astronomical tables, now in a spread of other sciences, now in religion, and again in literature over a great span of time. One...

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