Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalipse
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalipse

ISBN: 9781597801058
Year of publication: 2008

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalipse

Stephen King
Elizabeth Bear
John Joseph Adams
Paolo Bacigalupi
Nancy Kress
George R R Martin
Jonathan Lethem
Cory Doctorow
Orson Scott Card
Jerry Oltion
Richard Kadrey
John Langan
Octavia C Butler
Gene Wolf
M Rickert
Tobias S Buckell
Jack S McDevitt
James Van Pelt
Carol Emshwiller
Neal Barrett, Jr
Dale Bailey
David Grigg


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WASTELANDS Stories of the Apocalypse Edited by John Joseph Adams INTRODUCTION by John Joseph Adams Famine. Death. War. Pestilence. These are said to be the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse—Armageddon, The End of The World. In science fiction, the end of the world is usually triggered by more specific means: nuclear warfare, biological disaster (or warfare), ecological/geological disaster, or cosmological disaster. But in the wake of any great cataclysm, there are survivors—and post-apocalyptic science fiction speculates what life would be like for them. The first significant post-apocalyptic work is The Last Man (1826), by the mother of science fiction—Frankenstein author Mary Shelley—so the sub-genre is in essence as old as science fiction itself. Although its origins are firmly rooted in science fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction has always been able to escape traditional genre boundaries. Several classic novels of the genre, such as...

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