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Aunties Dog Days
Auntie's Dog Days

Sequence of author: Rated x(№326)
Keywords: zoophilia

Auntie's Dog Days

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd AUNTIE’S DOG DAYS Chapter 1 Jimmy Martin was kicking a small rock along in front of him as he slowly walked down the street with his twin sister, Amy. The two kids had gone over to the local playground for the afternoon, but, finding no other children there, they were reluctantly ambling back to their uncle’s house. Because their parents had gone on a company-sponsored three-week Caribbean cruise, the children were temporarily staying with Uncle Paul and Aunt Alice, and they were bored silly. They didn’t know any kids in this town, and they wished they were back home. Another thing that griped the two youngsters was that Aunt Alice made them do a few chores around the house. When they were home, their mother never gave the two little brats anything to do, and they resented their Aunt’s bossy orders. “Shit,” Jimmy mumbled to his sister as he gave the rock another short kick. “What’ll we do back at the house?” “Hell, I dunno,”...