Clan of the Claw
Clan of the Claw

Sequence of author: Exiled(№1)

Clan of the Claw

Jody Lynn Nye
John Ringo
Harry Turtledove
S M Stirling
Michael Z Williamson


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Clan of the Claw S.M. Stirling Harry Turtledove Jody Lynn Nye John Ringo Michael Z. Williamson Introduction The Mrem are descended from cats, just as humans share an ancestor with apes. Which brings up the question as to why would any carnivore need intelligence. Squishy, tasty humans needed to evolve brains in order to find dinner and not be it. But with tooth and claw, why be smart too? The ancestors of the Mrem faced just as great a challenge as we hairless apes did. It occurred simply because there are few asteroids in their solar system. Asteroids? Huh? Going a bit astray here? Actually it is straightforward. With no asteroid hits, there would be no great extinctions and the age of reptiles would never have really ended. Given tens of millions of extra years one of the descendants of the first reptiles would have reacted to their own fierce competitiveness by very slowly developing both their own kind of...

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