Dolphin Island
Dolphin Island

ISBN: 9780575121775

Dolphin Island

Arthur Charles Clarke

Antique literature

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Dolphin Island Chapter 1 Johnny Clinton was sleeping when the hovership raced down the valley, floating along the old turnpike on its cushion of air. The whistling roar in the night did not disturb him, for he had heard it almost all his life. To any boy of the twenty-first century, it was a sound of magic, telling of far-off countries and strange cargoes carried in the first ships that could travel with equal ease across land and sea. No, the familiar roar of the air jets could not awaken him, though it might haunt his dreams. But now it had suddenly stopped, here in the middle of Transcontinental Thruway 21. That was enough to make Johnny sit up in bed, rubbing his eyes and straining his ears into the night What could have happened? Had one of the great land-liners really halted here, four hundred miles from the nearest terminus? Well, there was one way to find out. For a moment he hesitated, not wishing to face the winter cold. Then he plucked up his courage,...

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