Guardsman Of Gor
Guardsman Of Gor

Year of publication: 1981
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№16)

Guardsman Of Gor

John Norman


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John Norman Guardsman Of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth — 16) Chapter 1 — SHIPS OF THE VOSKJARD Most Gorean ships have a concave bow, which descends gracefully into the water. Such a construction facilitates the placing of the ram-mount and ram. I watched, fearfully, almost mesmerized, as the first of the gray galleys, emerging from the fog, moving swiftly, like a living thing, looming now, struck the chain. Battle horns sounded about me. I heard them echoed in the distance, the sounds first taken up by the _Mira_ and _Talender_. There was a great sound, the hitting of the huge chain by the galley, a sound as of the striking of the chain, and then the grating sound, scraping and heavy, of the chain literally being lifted out of the water. I saw it, fascinated, black, dripping water, glistening, slide up the bow, splintering wood and tearing away paint. Then the whole galley, by its momentum, stopped by the chain, swung abeam. I saw oars...

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