Players of Gor
Players of Gor

Year of publication: 1984
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№20)

Players of Gor

John Norman

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John Norman Players of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth — 20) 1 Samos I looked up from the board, idly, as the woman, struggling, in the grasp of two guards, was thrust into the vicinity of our table. "It is your move," said Samos. I regarded the board. I moved my Ubar's Tarnsman to Ubara's Tarnsman Five. It was a positioning move. The Tarnsman can move only one space on the positioning move. It attacks only on a flight move. The woman struggled fiercely in the grasp of the two guards. She could not, of course, free herself. Samos studied the board. He positioned his Home Stone. It was, looking at the tiny counter at the edge of the board, his tenth move. Most Kaissa boards do not have this counter. It consisted of ten small, cylindrical wooden beads strung on a wire. The Home Stone must be placed by the tenth move. He had placed it at his now-vacated Ubar's Initiate One. In this position, as at the Ubara's Initiate One, it is subject to...

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