Renegades of Gor
Renegades of Gor

Year of publication: 1986
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№23)

Renegades of Gor

John Norman


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John Norman Renegades of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth-23) 1 The Road; The Slave In a sudden flash of lightning, showing the driving rain, the wagons, the crowd on the road, I saw ahead, above me, and to my left, about a half of a pasang forward, on its stony plateau, the inn of the Crooked Tarn. "There is less than a pasang to go," said a man near me. "They will have no places left," said another. "You could not afford them, if they did," said the first man. "We will camp on the lee side," said another, "and water the beasts in the moat." "Wagons will already be circled there," said another. When groups are traveling together the wagons are often arranged in a circle, end to end, tongues inward, narrowing gaps between the «sections» of the improvised rampart, and chained together, the front axle of the next, the camp, and the draft animals, and any accompanying livestock, within the circle. This forms a wagon fort or laager. The...

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