The Final Solution: A Story of Detection
The Final Solution: A Story of Detection


The Final Solution: A Story of Detection

Michael Chabon

Antique literature

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THE FINAL SOLUTION by Michael Chabon The steadfast generosity of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle enabled the author to begin this novella; that of the MacDowell Colony enabled him to complete it. To the memory of AMANDA DAVIS First reader or these pages The distinction's always fine between detection and invention. - MARY JO SALTER THE FINAL SОLUTION 1 A boy with a parrot on his shoulder was walking along the railway tracks. His gait was dreamy and he swung a daisy as he went. With each step the boy dragged his toes in the rail bed, as if measuring out his journey with careful ruled marks of his shoetops in the gravel. It was midsummer, and there was something about the black hair and pale face of the boy against the green unfurling flag of the downs beyond, the rolling white eye of the daisy, the knobby knees in their short pants, the self-important air of the handsome gray parrot with its savage red tail feather, that...