Sequence of author: Flood(№1)


Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Stephen Baxter Flood One 2016 Mean sea-level rise above 2010 datum: 1-5m 1 July 2016 Every pothole and every crevice in the road was flooded. As the truck swerved through the streets of Barcelona the water sprayed up over Lily in her pallet under the chassis, stinking, oily stuff that worked its way under the parcel tape that covered her eyes and mouth. It was raining, too, a hard persistent rain that hammered on the truck’s metal roof, adding to the engine’s roar and the distant rattle of gunfire. Another jolt slammed her body into the metal surface above. Grunting, her lips working against the tape over her mouth, she tried to wriggle, to relieve the pain in her shoulders and neck, from arms pulled behind her back. But each twist only shifted the ache somewhere else. There was one other hostage under here with her, trussed up with tape and stuffed under the body of the truck, the pair of them head to foot like...