Second Horseman Out of Eden
Second Horseman Out of Eden

Sequence of author: Mongo(№7)

Second Horseman Out of Eden

George C Chesbro

Detective science fiction

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George C. Chesbro Second Horseman Out of Eden 1 Santa Claus was long overdue, and if I didn't hear sleigh bells in another hour I was going to start calling the hospitals. Santa couldn't be drunk, because my brother no longer drank-not since he'd emerged from the drug-induced madness that had transmogrified him into a de facto, reluctant religious guru to millions, and the subsequent events that had caused the deaths of thousands of people and almost killed the two of us. Garth kept a well-stocked bar in his apartment for drinking friends and his imbibing sibling, but at the moment he was out of Scotch-the imbibing sibling's drink of choice. Consequently, I went up a flight to my own spacious apartment on the fourth floor of the renovated brownstone on West Fifty-sixth Street that we'd recently purchased, and which now served as our respective homes as well as the richly appointed offices of the recently founded investigative firm of Frederickson...