Mariners of Gor
Mariners of Gor

Sequence of author: Chronicles of gor [=chronicles of counter-earth](№30)

Mariners of Gor

John Norman


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John Norman Mariners of Gor Chapter One Late One Night, in a Tavern in Brundisium And he spoke. “I sailed on the great ship,” he said. “Yea, the ship of Tersites.” “It was lost at sea,” said a man. “It sailed over the edge of the world,” said another. “Listen,” he said. “And I will tell you a story.” “For paga,” laughed a Merchant. “We have heard such stories,” said a fellow. “You are a liar,” scoffed the taverner. “A thousand ships come and go, in the great harbor of Brundisium,” said a fellow. “There are a thousand stories.” “But not of the ship of Tersites,” he said. “No,” said a fellow, “not of the ship of Tersites.” “There is no such ship,” said a man. “Tersites was mad, fled from Port Kar.” “I hear ‘banished’,” said another. “The ship was never built,” said a man. “It was built,” averred the fellow. “No,” said a man. “In the northern forests,” he said. “Absurd,” laughed a man. “And...

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