Conspirators of Gor
Conspirators of Gor

Sequence of author: Chronicles of gor [=chronicles of counter-earth](№31)

Conspirators of Gor

John Norman


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John Norman Conspirators of Gor Chapter One I had not expected to be sold. I suppose very few do. And certainly not on another world. The collar is not uncomfortable. Usually I am not aware it is on me. It is noticeable, of course, when I see my reflection, as, for example, when I wish to adjust it a bit, on my neck, that it may sit more attractively on me. He wishes the lock, for example, to be squarely at the back of my neck. He is clear on that point. It is perhaps the first thing one notes, when one looks upon me, or any girl, whether she is in a collar or not. I think he will keep me in a collar, as he likes me that way. I realize now that I belong in one. I did not always realize that, but I suspected it. Most girls are not collared, but some of us are, particularly those who have been brought here from other places. They expect that we will wear collars. Surely, whether or not a girl wears a collar is the most important thing about...

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