In The House Of Secret Enemies
In The House Of Secret Enemies

Sequence of author: Mongo(№9)

In The House Of Secret Enemies

George C Chesbro

Detective science fiction

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George C. Chesbro In The House Of Secret Enemies The Drop He was a big man, filled with a guy-wire tension and animal wariness that even his three-hundred-dollar tailored suit couldn't hide. He came in the door, stopped and blinked, then walked over to my desk. I rose and took the proffered hand, waiting for the nervous, embarrassed reaction that usually preceded mumbled apologies and a hurried exit. It didn't come. "Dr. Frederickson?" Now, there are any number of disadvantages to being a dwarf, all compounded when you've chosen the somewhat unlikely career of a private investigator. I stand four feet eight inches in my socks. I've been told I don't exactly inspire confidence in prospective clients. "I'm Frederickson," I said. "'Mister' will do." "But you are the private detective who also teaches at the university?" You'd be surprised at the number of people who get their jollies from playing practical jokes on dwarfs. For my own...