Dead Mans rain
Dead Man's rain

Sequence of author: Markhat(№2)

Dead Man's rain

Frank Tuttle

Detective science fiction, Fantasy

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Frank Tuttle Dead Man's Rain Chapter One Noon found me standing at the edge of a fresh-dug grave. Sunlight mocked and set the blue jays to singing, but couldn’t quite reach the Sarge’s casket, no matter how hard the sun shone. I crumbled a damp clod of earth, let it fall. We’d lived through the War, the Sarge and I. Lived through the three-month siege at Ghant. Lived through the fall of Little Illa. Lived through two years in the swamps. I’d once seen the Sarge snatch an arrow out of the air and shove it in a charging Troll’s eye, and now he was dead after slipping and falling in a public bath. “Bye, Sarge,” I said. “You deserved better.” I met an Orthodox priest as I walked away. He dipped his red mask in greeting and slowed to a traipse, but I fixed my eyes on a big old pin oak and marched past. I’d said all my words, and had no use for his. I was halfway to the cemetery gates when Mama Hog stepped out of the shadow of a poor man’s...