Prelude to Foundation
Prelude to Foundation

Sequence of author: Foundation(№1)

Prelude to Foundation

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov To Jennifer “Green Pencil” Brehl, the best and hardest-working editor in the world. AUTHOR’S NOTE When I wrote “Foundation,” which appeared in the May 1942 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, I had no idea that I had begun a series of stories that would eventually grow into six volumes and a total of 650,000 words (so far). Nor did I have any idea that it would be unified with my series of short stories and novels involving robots and my novels involving the Galactic Empire for a grand total (so far) of fourteen volumes and a total of about 1,450,000 words. You will see, if you study the publication dates of these books, that there was a twenty-five-year hiatus, between 1957 and 1982, during which I did not add to this series. This was not because I had stopped writing. Indeed, I wrote full-speed throughout the quarter century, but I wrote other things. That I returned to the series in 1982 was not my...

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