Forward the Foundation
Forward the Foundation

Sequence of author: Foundation(№2)

Forward the Foundation

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov For all my loyal readers PART 1 ETO DEMERZEL DEMERZEL, ETO— . . . While there is no question that Eto Demerzel was the real power in the government during much of the reign of Emperor Cleon I, historians are divided as to the nature of his rule. The classic interpretation is that he was another in the long line of strong and ruthless oppressors in the last century of the undivided Galactic Empire, but there are revisionist views that have surfaced and that insist his was, if a despotism, a benevolent one. Much is made, in this view, of his relationship with Hari Seldon, though that remains forever uncertain, particularly during the unusual episode of Laskin Joranum, whose meteoric rise— ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA* 1 “I tell you again, Hari,” said Yugo Amaryl, “that your friend Demerzel is in deep trouble.” He emphasized the word “friend” very lightly and with...

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