Second Foundation
Second Foundation

Sequence of author: Foundation(№5)

Second Foundation

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov To the memory of John W. Campbell, Jr. (1910–1971) PROLOGUE The First Galactic Empire had endured for tens of thousands of years. It had included all the planets of the Galaxy in a centralized rule, sometimes tyrannical, sometimes benevolent, always orderly. Human beings had forgotten that any other form of existence could be. All except Hari Seldon. Hari Seldon was the last great scientist of the First Empire. It was he who brought the science of psychohistory to its full development. Psychohistory was the quintessence of sociology; it was the science of human behavior reduced to mathematical equations. The individual human being is unpredictable, but the reactions of human mobs, Seldon found, could be treated statistically. The larger the mob, the greater the accuracy that could be achieved. And the size of the human masses that Seldon worked with was no less than the population of the Galaxy,...

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