Out of the Darkness
Out of the Darkness

Sequence of author: Darkness(№6)

Out of the Darkness

Harry Turtledove


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Harry Turtledove Out of the Darkness Dramatis Personae (* shows viewpoint character) ALGARVE Adonio Constable in Tricarico Almonte Major; sorcerer near Pontremoli Balastro Count; Algarvian minister to Zuwayza Bembo* Constable in Eoforwic Botelho Mage in Ruuivaes, Lagoas Clarinda Serving woman in Trapani Dosso Jeweler in Trapani Fiametta Courtesan in Tricarico Frontino Gaoler in Tricarico Gismonda Count Sabrino’s wife in Trapani Lurcanio* Colonel formerly occupying Priekule Mainardo Former King of Jelgava; Mezentio’s brother Mezentio King of Algarve Mosco Captain in Priekule; Brindza’s father Norizia Baroness; Gismonda’s friend in Trapani Oberto Baron; mayor of Carsoli Oldrade General in Trapani Oraste Constable in Eoforwic Orosio Captain of dragonfliers outside Psinthos Pesaro Constabulary sergeant in Tricarico Pirello Mage in Trapani Prusione General in southern Algarve Puliano...

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