Blood and iron
Blood and iron

Sequence of author: American empire(№1)

Blood and iron

Harry Turtledove

Alternative history

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Harry Turtledove Blood and iron Introduction The Great War is over. After three years of brutal conflict, the United States have defeated the Confederate States and Canada- as, in Europe, the German Empire and Austria-Hungary have defeated France, Britain, and Russia. Now, all across North America, people are trying to pick up their shattered lives. In Boston, Sylvia Enos mourns the loss of her husband, George, who was killed when his destroyer, the USS Ericsson, was sunk by a torpedo during the last moments of the war. As the Confederate States had already asked for an armistice, she believes a British submersible sank the Ericsson. She has more urgent things to worry about, though: keeping her job when so many men are returning from the war, and bringing up her young son and daughter. In fact, though, Commander Roger Kimball of the CSS Bone-fish sank the Ericsson, a last blow against the United States even though he knew the Confederacy had...

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