How Few Remain
How Few Remain

Sequence of author: Great war

How Few Remain

Harry Turtledove

Alternative history

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Harry Turtledove How Few Remain Now twenty years have passed away, Since I here bid farewell To woods, and fields, and scenes of play And school-mates loved so well. Where many were, now few remain Of old familiar things! But seeing these to mind again The lost and absent brings. The friends I left that parting day How changed, as time has sped! Young childhood grown, strong manhood gray, And half of all are dead. — Abraham Lincoln, "My Childhood Home I See Again" Prelude 1862 September Outside Frederick, Maryland The Army of Northern Virginia was breaking camp. The lean, ragged soldiers, their gray uniforms and especially their shoes much the worse for wear, began the next long tramp, this one north and west toward Hagerstown. They were profoundly — and profanely-glad to be getting away from Frederick. "That 'Bonnie Blue Flag,' that ain't nothin' but a damn pack o'...

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