Against All Enemies
Against All Enemies

ISBN: 9781101536872
Year of publication: 2011
Sequence of author: Max moore(№1)

Against All Enemies

Tom Clancy
Peter Telep


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Tom Clancy, Peter Telep Against All Enemies WE THINK AL-QAEDA IS BAD, BUT THEY’VE GOT NOTHING ON THE CARTELS. — unidentified senior FBI agent, El Paso, Texas EVERYONE HAS A PRICE. THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS. — Pablo Escobar IN MEXICO YOU HAVE DEATH VERY CLOSE. THAT’S TRUE FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS BECAUSE IT’S A PART OF LIFE, BUT IN MEXICO, DEATH CAN BE FOUND IN MANY THINGS. — Gael García Bernal Prologue RENDEZVOUS FOXTROT 0215 Hours, Arabian Sea 5 Miles South of the Indus River Coast of Pakistan A darkened ship is a burdened ship, Moore thought as he stood outside the pilothouse of the OSA-1 fast attack craft Quwwat. She was indigenously built by the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works and based on an old Soviet design, complete with four HY-2 surface-to-surface missiles and two twin 25-millimeter antiaircraft guns. Three diesel engines and three shafts propelled the 130-foot-long patrol...

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