Judge  Jury
Judge & Jury


Judge & Jury

James Patterson
Andrew Gross


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James Patterson, Andrew Gross Judge Jury This book is dedicated to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and all those who contribute to this worthy cause. The authors would also like to thank Kevin Palardy, Mary Ellen Murphy, and especially Anne Heausler Dupont. Thanks to Jim Kingsdale, whose travels to Patagonia were illuminating. Prologue. THE WEDDING One MY NAME IS NICK PELLISANTE, and this is where it started for me, one summer out on Long Island at"the wedding of weddings." I was watching the bride celebrating at the head of the dance line as it festively wound through the tables.A conga line. I groaned. I hated conga lines. I should mention that I was watching the scene through high-powered binoculars. I followed as the bride slung her ample, lace-covered rear end in every direction, toppling a glass of red wine, trying to coax some bowling ball of a relative who was scarfing down a plate of stuffed clams up into the procession. Meanwhile, the grinning, affable groom...