Battle Ready
Battle Ready

ISBN: 9781101002285
Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Study in command(№4)

Battle Ready

Tom Clancy

Biographies and Memoirs, Nonfiction

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Tom Clancy Battle Ready “We must salute Clancy for profiling Zinni… You come away thinking that you would have trusted your kid to Zinni’s command… Down at the Army’s infantry school at Fort Benning, the instructors have a saying: ‘Managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing.’ Zinni did the right thing.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Fascinating… Clancy supplies lucid contexts for the general’s recollections that are the book’s meat… Zinni’s passion for ‘his’ Marines infuses Battle Ready… Zinni’s achievements and discontents make Battle Ready important… deserves to be widely read because of its timeliness and clarity.” — Houston Chronicle “It is Zinni’s twenty-four-page closing statement, ‘The Calling,’ that will sell the book to nonbuff civilians, summing up his service and the ways in which he feels his generation’s legacy is in jeopardy.” — Publishers Weekly DEDICATION TO THE ENLISTED MEN AND WOMEN OF...

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