Into the Storm: On the Ground in Iraq
Into the Storm: On the Ground in Iraq

ISBN: 9781429583367
Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Study in command(№1)

Into the Storm: On the Ground in Iraq

Tom Clancy
Frederick M Franks

Biographies and Memoirs, Nonfiction

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Tom Clancy, Frederick M. Franks Into the Storm: On the Ground in Iraq PRAISE FOR INTO THE STORM "There will be some — in the future when our army again goes to war — who will take this work to the battlefield as a reminder of how great commanders accomplished the mission." — Armor "Two areas of this book merit special attention and should be mandatory reading for all military officers. Clancy's narrative of the army in transition and his chapter on maneuver warfare are superb… What the reader gains from [Franks's] candid admissions is a deep appreciation of the mind of a commander charged with employing 146,000 soldiers and 50,000 vehicles across 120 miles of enemy territory in the face of determined resistance." — Army Magazine "Franks manages to tell a good story, offer insights into leadership and set the record straight." — Scripps Howard News Services DEDICATION This book is dedicated to: THE VETERANS...

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