ISBN: 9780425165706
Year of publication: 1998
Sequence of author: Power plays(№2)


Tom Clancy
Martin Greenberg
Jerome Preisler


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Tom Clancy, Martin Greenberg, Jerome Preisler Ruthless.Com Chapter One THE RAIU ARCHIPELAGO SOUTH CHINA SEA SEPTEMBER 15, 2000 The freighter had been christened the Kuan Yin, after the Chinese goddess of mercy, but what doubt can there be that its crew felt abandoned by their guardian spirit at the end? They had set out from the city of Kuching in Eastern Malaysia at eight P. M., the cargo deck of their fifty-foot-long, half-century-old steamship loaded with palm oil and spices tagged for distribution in the wholesale markets of Singapore. Despite intermittent rain, gusting winds, and reduced visibility, the chop was moderate and the pilot had maintained a steady speed of fifteen knots almost from the time he got under way. He expected an uneventful run followed by a night of drinking in a dockside bar; even now in the wet season, the main sea lane was short and direct, taking just less than four hours to cross the strait and then swing up...

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