ISBN: 9781101002599
Year of publication: 2000
Sequence of author: Power plays(№4)


Tom Clancy
Martin Greenberg
Jerome Preisler


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Tom Clancy, Martin Greenberg, Jerome Preisler Bio-Strike Acknowledgments I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Marc Cerasini, Larry Segriff, Denise Little, John Helfers, Robert Youdelman, Esq., Tom Mallon, Esq.; the wonderful people at Penguin Putnam Inc., including Phyllis Grann, David Shanks, and Tom Colgan; and Doug Littlejohns, Kevin Perry, the rest of the Bio-Strike team, and the other fine folks at Red Storm Entertainment and Holistic Design. As always, I would like to thank Robert Gottlieb of the William Morris Agency. But most important, it is for you, my readers, to determine how successful our collective endeavor has been. — Tom Clancy ONE VARIOUS LOCALES OCTOBER 7, 2001 American cities run by the clock. This is truest of the largest and busiest, where the minute hand impels people through their routines without room for pause. The sleep-demolishing clatter of a five A.M. trash pickup, a breakneck dash to the...

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