Cold War
Cold War

ISBN: 9781101002605
Year of publication: 2001
Sequence of author: Power plays(№5)

Cold War

Tom Clancy
Martin Greenberg
Jerome Preisler


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Tom Clancy, Martin Greenberg, Jerome Preisler Cold War ONE BULL PASS (77°30’ S, 161°80’ E) MCMURDO DRY VALLEYS, ANTARCTICA FEBRUARY 27, 2002 They heard the copter long before it came into sight, cresting the frozen peaks of Olympus on a southerly course toward Asgard. Its pilot approached from the rear, nosed down a little, and hailed the team below as he flew past. Some cheerful words over his PA, a flap of a red-sleeved arm behind his windscreen. His large Bell 212 was identical to the aircraft that had dropped them into the valleys, but its National Science Foundation decals showed it wasn’t one of theirs. Scarborough’s foot party was no less appreciative of the human contact. They were starting their first full day out of Cold Corners, and if mutual reliance made for good neighbors, this qualified as the most neighborly spot on earth. All three returned the pilot’s wave, their own bright red coat sleeves upraised. Then they watched him...

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