Zero Hour
Zero Hour

ISBN: 9781101002537
Year of publication: 2003
Sequence of author: Power plays(№7)

Zero Hour

Tom Clancy
Martin Greenberg
Jerome Preisler


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Tom Clancy, Martin Greenberg, Jerome Preisler Zero Hour ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Marc Cerasini, Larry Segriff, Denise Little, John Helfers, Brittiany Koren, Robert Youdelman, Esq., Danielle Forte, Esq., Dianne Jude, and the wonderful people at Penguin Group (USA) Inc., including David Shanks and Tom Colgan. But most important, it is for you, my readers, to determine how successful our collective endeavor has been. — Tom Clancy PART 1 Blue Fire ONE NEW YORK CITY The predicted January snowstorm had arrived as a sloppy mix of rain and sleet, sending local weathermen into a scramble to revise their outlooks. But while Sullivan was glad they’d finally reported what anyone with two good eyes could see, he hadn’t heard a word about the treacherous roadway icing over the Jaguar’s radio. It never changed in this city, he thought. Whether the commotion was about a...

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