Tom Clancys HAWX
Tom Clancy's HAWX

ISBN: 9780425233191
Year of publication: 2009

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Tom Clancy
Grant Blackwood
David Michaels


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Tom Clancy, Grant Blackwood, David Michaels Tom Clancy's HAWX PROLOGUE: "Falcon three… Loensch… Do you have a shot?" Jenna Munrough shouted as she banked her F-16 away from the target. With jammed guns and both of her air-to-air missiles expended, she was out of action. Everything now depended on her wingman. "Gotta get a lock-on," Troy Loensch said, gritting his teeth. Hitting the Raven was like trying to hit a mouse with a hammer in a dark room. Like most recent jet fighters, the Raven had suppression systems that physically masked the heat signature of the engines. The only way to achieve the radar lock-on necessary to launch heat-seeking missiles against the stealthy aircraft was to get in directly behind it. As a HAWX Program bird, the Raven was fast-probably capable of something north of Mach 3—but he knew that his quarry had to slow down to below Mach 1 to deliver his deadly payload against his highest of high-value targets. Troy could...

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