Virtual Vandals
Virtual Vandals

ISBN: 1101007427
Year of publication: 1999
Sequence of author: Net force explorers(№1)

Virtual Vandals

Tom Clancy
Diane Duane
Steve Pieczenik

Science fiction, Children's adventures

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Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Diane Duane Virtual Vandals Acknowledgments We’d like to thank the following people, without whom this book would not have been possible: Bill McCay, for help in rounding out the manuscript; Martin H. Greenberg, Larry Segriff, Denise Little, and John Helfers at Tekno Books; Mitchell Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers at BIG Entertainment; Tom Colgan, of Berkley Books; Robert Youdelman, Esquire, and Tom Mallon, Esquire; and Robert Gottlieb of the William Morris Agency, agent and friend. We much appreciated the help. Chapter 1 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND; APRIL 2025 The sky was a bright, cloudless blue, marked only by the thin white contrails of an aerospace plane’s jet engines passing high above. Matt Hunter squinted his brown eyes, staring up from his seat in the Camden Yards stadium. Must be just about ready to switch over to the rocket engines, he figured. An elbow in his ribs brought his thoughts back to...

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