Line of Control
Line of Control

ISBN: 9781101003497
Year of publication: 2001
Sequence of author: Op-center(№8)

Line of Control

Tom Clancy
Jeff Rovin
Steve Pieczenik


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Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Jeff Rovin Line of Control Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Martin H. Greenberg, Larry Segriff, Robert Youdelman, Esq., Tom Mallon, Esq., and the wonderful people at Penguin Putnam Inc., including Phyllis Grann, David Shanks, and Tom Colgan. As always, we would like to thank Robert Gottlieb, without whom this book would never have been conceived. But most important, it is for you, our readers, to determine how successful our collective endeavor has been. — Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik PROLOGUE Siachin Base 3, Kashmir Wednesday, 5:42 A.M. Major Dev Puri could not sleep. He had not yet gotten used to the flimsy cots the Indian army used in the field. Or the thin air in the mountains. Or the quiet. Outside his former barracks in Udhampur there were always the sounds of trucks and automobiles, of soldiers and activity. Here, the quiet reminded him of a hospital. Or a...

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