Mission of Honor
Mission of Honor

ISBN: 9780425186701
Year of publication: 2002
Sequence of author: Op-center(№9)

Mission of Honor

Tom Clancy
Jeff Rovin
Steve Pieczenik


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Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Jeff Rovin Mission of Honor Chapter One Maun, Botswana Monday, 4:53 A. M. The sun rose swiftly over the flat, seemingly endless plain. The landmarks had changed in the decades since "Prince" Leon Seronga had first come here. Behind them, the Khwai River was not as deep as it had been. The grasses of the plain were shorter but more plentiful, covering familiar boulders and ravines. But the former army officer had no trouble recognizing the place or reconnecting with the transformations that had started here. One was his personal growth. The second was a result of that growth, the birth of a new nation. And the third? He hoped that his visit today would begin the greatest change yet. Walking into the new dawn, the six-foot-three Seronga watched as the deep black sky seemed to catch fire. It started at a point and spilled all along the horizon, like liquid flame. Stars that had been so bright just moments...

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