Call to Treason
Call to Treason

ISBN: 9781101003701
Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Op-center(№11)

Call to Treason

Tom Clancy
Jeff Rovin
Steve Pieczenik


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Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Jeff Rovin Call to Treason Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance of Martin H. Greenberg, Ph.D.; Larry Segriff; Denise Little; John Helfers; Brittiany Koren; Victoria Bundonis Rovin; Roberta Pieczenik, Ph.D.; Carl La Greca; and Tom Colgan, our editor. But most important, it is for you, our readers, to determine how successful our collective endeavor has been. — Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik ONE Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Sunday, 9:22 P.M. Combat was not easy. But it was easier than this. General Mike Rodgers stood with a Scotch in his hand, wishing it were a double and that he were free to slug it down. If he were in a dark saloon with Colonel August or one of his buddies from the Department of Defense, he would. Then he would nurse the sweet buzz with a beer chaser. But he was not with his colleagues. He was at a black-tie party in a three-story town house on...

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