Duel Identity
Duel Identity

ISBN: 9780425176344
Year of publication: 2000
Sequence of author: Net force explorers(№12)

Duel Identity

Tom Clancy
Steve Pieczenik
Bill McCay

Science fiction, Children's adventures

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Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Bill McCay Duel Identity Chapter 1 The Shock Of Steel Against Steel Quivered up Megan O'Malley's arm as her sword intercepted the saber looping in to slash at her side. As soon as she parried, her opponent's blade leaped away, curving around to threaten her other side. Megan deflected it again, but she was in trouble-and she knew it. That sword was whistling all around her, and she was scrambling to keep her own weapon in the way. Sooner or later she would mess up, and then… For a wild moment she considered ending her problems with an unexpected karate kick. Bad idea. She knew she had to rely on the saber she held. Funny, even as it kept growing heavier and heavier in her hand, it seemed about as insubstantial as a toothpick when it came to defending her. Maybe it was time she gave up on defense…. Her opponent's sword swooped high. Desperately Megan raised her sword and threw herself forward to the attack. The...

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