Blood of the Demon
Blood of the Demon

ISBN: 9780553907353
Year of publication: 2010
Sequence of author: Kara gillian(№2)

Blood of the Demon

Diana Rowland

Urban fantasy

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BLOOD OF THE DEMON Kara Gillian Series, Book 2 Diana Rowland To Mom, for supporting the arts Acknowledgments My name might be the only one on the cover, but there’s no way this book would have happened if not for a number of other people. Therefore, heartfelt thanks go to: Natasha Poe, Amanda Kleist, and the rest of the St. Tammany Coroner’s Forensic Science Center, for their valiant attempts to help me understand the science behind DNA testing. Any DNA-related errors in this book are completely mine. Dr. Michael DeFatta, for answering even more forensic pathology questions. Dr. Peter Galvan, Judge Don Fendlason, Tara Zeller, and District Attorney Walter Reed and his staff, for answering numerous questions concerning campaign financing, public corruption, civil forfeiture, and other legal issues that made my head hurt. Nicole Peeler, for being a kick-ass critique partner. My fantastic agent, Matt Bialer, and his...