Cruel Zinc Melodies
Cruel Zinc Melodies

Year of publication: 2008
Sequence of author: Garrett p.i.(№12)

Cruel Zinc Melodies

Glen Cook

Fantasy, Detectives

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Glen Cook Cruel Zinc Melodies BUGGED OUT One of John Stretch’s pals headed our way. Lugging a beetle as big as a lamb. He didn’t editorialize; he just dropped the monster when I didn’t offer to take it. He headed back to the wars. Playmate said, ‘‘Hey, Garrett, whack that thing with something. It ain’t dead.’’ It lay on its back. Its legs were twitching. Its wings, ditto. Then it stopped struggling. It seemed to be assessing its situation. ‘‘Garrett!’’ It flipped. It faced me. Big brown jaws clacked. It charged. . . . 1 It was a marvelous winter. My personal favorite kind of winter. An ever-lovin’ blue-eyed kind of winter that slunk in early and got bitter frigid before anybody remembered where they stashed their winter coats. Snow came down more often and heavier than even the old folks could remember, and you know how their recollections work. Everything was bigger, better, sharper, steeper, rougher, and tougher in...

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