The Gate Thief
The Gate Thief

Sequence of author: Mither mages(№2)

The Gate Thief

Orson Scott Card


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Orson Scott Card The Gate Thief 1 FLYING CHILDREN On a certain day in November, in the early afternoon, if you had just parked your car at Kenney’s burger place in Buena Vista, Virginia, or maybe you were walking into Nick’s Italian Kitchen or Todd’s Barbecue, you might have cast your gaze up the hill toward Parry McCluer High School. It could happen. You have to look somewhere, right? You might have noticed something shooting straight up out of the school. Something the size and shape of, say, a high school student. Arms waving, maybe. Legs kicking-count on that. Definitely a human being. Like a rocket, upward until he’s a mile above Buena Vista. He hangs in the air for just a moment. Long enough to see and be seen. And then down he goes. Straight down, and not falling, no, shooting downward just as fast as he went up. Bound to kill himself at that speed. You can’t believe you saw it. So you keep watching for a moment longer, a...

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