ISBN: 9781416991779
Year of publication: 2012
Sequence of author: Serpent world(№2)


Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Ruins by Orson Scott Card To Gregg Homer, friend and advocate, who puts power into others’ hands and wisdom in their hearts CHAPTER 1 Water Rigg saw the stream before any of the others. Loaf was an experienced soldier; Olivenko not so experienced, but not untrained, either; and Umbo had grown up in the village of Fall Ford, which was almost like living in the woods. But only Rigg had tramped the high forests above the Upsheer Cliffs, trapping animals for their fur while the man he called Father taught him more than Rigg ever thought he would need to know. Rigg practically smelled water like an animal. Even before they crested the low grassy rise he knew that there would be a stream in the next crease between hills. He even knew it would be only a rill, with no trees; the ground here was too stony. Rigg broke into a jog. “Stop,” said the expendable they were calling Vadesh. Rigg slowed. “Why? That’s water, and I’m thirsty.” ...

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