Flandry of Terra
Flandry of Terra

ISBN: 9781596873490
Year of publication: 2007
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№6)

Flandry of Terra

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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Poul Anderson FLANDRY OF TERRA The Game of Glory I A murdered man on a winter planet gave Flandry his first clue. Until then, he had only known that a monster fled Conjumar in a poisoned wreck of a spaceship, which might have gone twenty light-years before killing its pilot but could surely never have crossed the Spican marches to refuge. And the trouble was, even for the Terran Empire, which contained an estimated four million stars, a sphere twenty light-years across held a devil’s number of suns. Flandry went through the motions. He sent such few agents as could be spared from other jobs, for they were desperately under-manned in the frontier provinces, to make inquiries on the more likely planets within that range. Of course they drew blanks. Probability was stacked against them. Even if they actually visited whatever world the fugitive had landed on, he would be lying low for a while. Flandry swore, recalled his men...

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