Thud Ridge
Thud Ridge

Year of publication: 1969
Keywords: aviation Vietnam War

Thud Ridge

Jacksel Markham Broughton

Biographies and Memoirs, Military history

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THUD RIDGE By Colonel Jacksel “Jack” M. Broughton, USAF (Ret.) With an Introduction by Hanson W. Baldwin “To Our Comrades Up North.” — F-105 pilots’ toast to the prisoners of Hanoi Author’s Note This is a book about the fighting in the air over North Vietnam, and it is written in the language of the fighter pilots of the Air Force. There was no other way. Some of these words are not going to make much sense if you haven’t had the experience, and where that seemed to be the case I have tried to explain; others will, I hope, be clear enough from the context, from the people and places and events that I have described. I have attempted to combine a definition of some of the words we used and a general description of how we worked into an appendix “A Bit About Words.” Take a look at it if you’re puzzled about some of the aspects of fighter pilot chatter. That’s what it’s for. Introduction by Hanson W. Baldwin The...