Behold the Man

Sequence of author: Karl glogauer(№1)

Behold the Man

Michael John Moorcock

Science fiction

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Behold the Man Michael Moorcock I The time machine was a sphere full of milky fluid in which the traveler floated, enclosed in a rubber suit, breathing through a mask attached to a hose leading to the wall of the machine. The sphere cracked as it landed and the fluid spilled into the dust and was soaked up. Instinctively, Glogauer curled himself into a ball as the level of the liquid fell and he sank to the yielding plastic of the sphere's inner lining. The instruments, cryptographic, unconventional, were still and silent. The sphere shifted and rolled as the last of the liquid dripped from the great gash in its side. Momentarily, Glogauer's eyes opened and closed, then his mouth stretched in a kind of yawn and his tongue fluttered and he uttered a groan that turned into a ululation. He heard himself. The Voice of Tongues, he thought. The language of the unconscious. But he could not guess what he was saying. His body became numb and he...

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