Conan of Venarium
Conan of Venarium

Year of publication: 101

Conan of Venarium

Harry Turtledove

Antique literature

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Conan of Venarium by Harry Turtledove Chapter One The Coming of the Aquilonians Wagon wheels groaned. Horses' hooves drummed. Above and behind and through all the other sounds came the endless thump of heavy boots in the roadway. Lithe Bossonian archers and the broad-shouldered spearmen of Gunderland made up the bulk of Count Stercus' army. They eyed the small number of heavily caparisoned Aquilonian knights who rode with Stercus with the amused scorn freeborn foot soldiers often accorded their so-called social betters. "What do they suppose they're going to do with those horses when we get up into Cimmeria?" asked Granth son of Biemur. The Gunderman coughed. He marched near the middle of the long column, and the road dust coated his broad, friendly face and left his teeth gritty. His cousin Vulth snorted. "Same as they always do," he answered. "And what's that?" demanded Granth. He and Vulth squabbled all the time, sometimes in a friendly way,...

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