Brown River Queen
Brown River Queen

ISBN: 9781619216877
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Markhat(№7)
Keywords: Fantasy

Brown River Queen

Frank Tuttle

Detective science fiction, Fantasy

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Frank Tuttle Brown River Queen Chapter One Hammers fell by the hundreds. Lumber wagons rumbled past, either filled to bursting with building materials or freshly emptied and rushing back to the sawmills and the foundries for more timbers and nails. Saws bit deep into kiln-dried pine planks, filling the air with sawdust and the steady scratch-scratch-scratch sound of honest working men earning an honest day’s wage. Me? I sat, fundament firmly in the chair I’d placed on the sidewalk. While I sat, I watched a pair of honest working men earn their honest day’s wage by hanging and painting my sturdy new door. The workmen, a father and son outfit who shared but did not revel in the name Wartlip, were less than appreciative of my audience. For what I was paying them, I decided they could bear the unwelcome scrutiny. My new door is a beauty. It’s white with a fancy, round glass window worked in at eye level. The window’s thick glass is reinforced...